In addition to providing advanced digital x-ray technology, Valley Veterinary Hospital also utilizes ultrasound as a diagnostic tool for pets under our care. Ultrasound is a high frequency sound beam that is transmitted through the soft tissue and returns images of internal organs and cardiovascular structures. Using this safe and non-invasive tool, Dr. Daly and Dr. Strickland can evaluate many internal organs and tissues including:
• Heart
• Liver
• Spleen
• Kidneys
• Cardiovascular system
• Uterus
• Pregnancy
• Tumor identification

Ultrasound technology is one of many ways Valley Veterinary Hospital stays on the forefront of veterinary diagnostic equipment for our patients. Dr. Strickland and Dr. Daly have successfully cared for thousands of pets in the Shenandoah Valley and Harrisonburg areas of Virginia, and they will bring this same level of care to your pet as well.

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