Digital Radiography

One of the most important diagnostic tools for veterinarians at Valley Veterinary Hospital is our state-of-the-art digital X-ray technology. Our digital radiography system is much more advanced than traditional X-ray units, providing crisp, accurate images to Dr. Daly and Dr. Strickland in a matter of seconds.

X-Ray Applications
Most everyone understands that radiographs can help our doctors determine such things as broken bones, but did you know there are many other applications using x-rays? Dr. Strickland and Dr. Daly use radiographs to determine if an animal has disease in the skeletal system, abdomen and chest. Urinary tract obstructions can often be diagnosed through radiographic imaging. Internal organs can be accurately measured to ensure they are the proper size to function properly. Finally, many types of cancer and tumors can be located using the radiograph unit at Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Digital Radiography is an advanced form of veterinary diagnostics.
Dr. Daly and Dr. Strickland strive to provide cutting-edge care to all our clients, and our X-ray system is another example of this philosophy. Digital radiograph images are available within seconds, so our doctors can begin treatment immediately if necessary. The images produced by our system can be enlarged and contrasted as necessary, meaning fewer retakes are needed at Valley. In the event a unique condition is discovered, our caring doctors can email the images to a veterinary radiologist for consultation. Finally, the X-ray system at Valley Veterinary Hospital is green in the fact that no chemicals are needed to process our images, and plastic film is not needed, as all of our radiographs are in electronic form and stored safely on our computer system.

If you feel your furry family member may benefit from our digital X-ray unit due to trauma or possible disease, bring them to Valley Veterinary Hospital for an evaluation. Our compassionate veterinarians use their experience, and our advanced equipment to provide you and your pet the best experience in the Harrisonburg, Virginia area.

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